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We have been musing on our name again and loving the way it works to reflect our values.

When we first discussed names, we considered straightforward descriptive names such as Otley
Design, Wharfedale Writers or more grandiosely, perhaps, Leeds Communication Agency. But there
were two issues: nothing fully encompassed what we do and nothing captured our ethos. So we
thought again.

Wright comes from the Old English wyrhta, meaning a craftsman. It is a coincidence that it sounds
the same as right and write, two other ideas that are central to our business, but a coincidence that
we think is helpful and one we wholeheartedly embrace! The traditional wheelwright craft is kept
alive by such bodies as The Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights, but, in general, in the face of
technological change, such crafts have diminished. Nevertheless their spirit persists in other areas
where there is a commitment to get things right, however long it takes. At The Yorkshire
Wordwright, we are determined to apply the same spirit to our crafting of your communication.


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