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Why we need copywriters


One way we find out about people is to ask them about their most embarrassing moments. I have many. But most are for another time…

When at college, I had to write two essays a week and then deliver them to a tutor, often an expert in their field. With all the temptations of university life, it was easy to fall behind.

One of my tutors had been at the heart of government as an adviser to Harold Wilson and director of the long defunct National Economic Development Council; he was distinctly unimpressed when, one week, I tried to complete an uncompleted essay by speaking off the cuff. Even though I had done my research and knew what I wanted to say, my words simply didn’t convey the argument. They were neither sufficiently coherent nor clear. I ended up confusing myself as well as the tutor. The tutorial lasted about 10 minutes and I didn’t make that particular mistake again. Words take time to craft.

And that is why copywriting is both important and more difficult than it looks.


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