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Why good photography still matters


The outline of a swimming costume reminding us of our holiday or the pattern of a window frame on faded fabric – the images made of light are both everyday and yet, when carefully manipulated, breathtakingly magical. They allow us too to communicate quickly and effectively and to record for posterity. Digital photography has made this process much easier and allowed more of us to take more and better photographs, to become our own celebrities, to record and share our lives and experiences. Does that make the professional photographer redundant?

In our household we have a graphic designer and a fine artist. We are surrounded by visual images. They are by turns arresting, challenging, informing, questioning and comforting. But this is also true when we step outside: advertising, book covers, packaging, websites, newspapers and magazines. And at the heart of so much visual messaging is photography. And it matters.


Lindley Wood Reservoir – Dave Z


When light becomes a photograph, the manipulation begins with the simple decision of what to capture: the art of subject and composition. It continues with the how: aperture, exposure, grain. But then the decisions multiply. It was always possible with film photography to change the image with processing length, tinting or cropping for example, but, with digital photography, the possibilities are so much greater. The contemporary photograph is the product of many choices. For commercial messaging, the impact of these choices can be very significant. The medium should support the intended message. If it does not, belief will be withheld. Very simply, an uplifting message requires an uplifting image; a pitch of excellence needs a truly great image. A professional photographer, just as does a graphic designer, not only understands this, but has the skill, knowledge and tools to make the right, often subtle choices.

The Yorkshire Wordwright offers complete communication solutions. To do this we understood we needed to be both a design agency and copywriting business. Our skills allowed this. But we have quickly discovered that this is not enough. We also need to offer superb photography. That is why we are delighted to have engaged Dave Zdanowicz as our associate. We love his photographs. They are the work of a proud Yorkshireman. They also clearly demonstrate why the professional photographer is still needed.

If you use The Yorkshire Wordwright for your business communication needs, Dave will provide the photography. We think that is a coup and if you check out his work at .….we think you’ll agree.


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