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We’re excited that we now have our website up and running, the latest landmark in our development as a business. We have been in operation now for two months and we’re pleased at progress, especially at the steady stream of clients who have joined us and provided us with a growing portfolio of work to showcase our abilities and ideas. We are grateful to our early customers, as we understand that to trust a new business is often difficult.

For our website we have used proprietary software – in this case a WordPress theme – as the basis for a design which easily provides a good user experience:

  • It works both on pc and mobile devices
  • It is prototypical – it fits expectations of a website
  • It is visually simple
  • It has good usability
  • It provides the key information for decision-making

When we design a website for you, we would apply the same principles:

  • Proprietary software generally ensures a cheaper website and one that can be easily changed.
  • WordPress themes are very common and, therefore, familiar. This appeals to users. We would continue this through into the final design.
  • Simplicity is important. Good design is unobtrusive, because the message is the most  important thing.
  • Navigation should be clear and intuitive. The user should be able to use the site easily.
  • Enough information should be provided, but not too much. This can be provided directly or indirectly, but in a way that ensures the user can make a decision as to whether to visit or contact you and makes appositive outcome most likely.

Hope we can work with you in 2018.


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